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My Youth Began With Him

NovelMy Youth Began With HimMy Youth Began With Him
lords in cabinet
Chapter 4650 – Su Yu’s Additional Story (100) wren boy
Tang Chuan: “d.a.m.n… even I wish to get married to you.”
Nevertheless, nobody dared to inquire about Su Yu immediately. Only An knew that which was going on.
It really transported her and her mother…
Tang Chuan: “Haha, let us cease fooling all around. Would you really get your marital relationship official document?”
Wei Liao: “So in the near future? Would you obtain a phony certificate?”
Twenty-Five Village Sermons
Wei Liao: “Not just that, but you might also need to divided the shares and money. All of Su Yu’s a.s.pieces shall be divided in two.”
The Su friends and family was really sincere.
After having a minute of excitement, he immediately mailed Huo Mian a WeChat information. “Honey, I skipped you.”
She possessed never thought that particular time, anyone would phone her Mrs. Su.
Su Yu: “I’ve finished the examine. The two of you are my false close friends.”
Not even half sixty minutes after Su Yu delivered to the organization, the financial division manufactured an statement.
Su Yu: “I’ve done the check out. The both of you are my artificial associates.”
When this news was introduced, the whole corporation is in an uproar.
Nonetheless, no person dared to ask Su Yu right. Only An recognized what was taking place.
Immediately after declaring farewell to Su Yu, she walked within the medical facility.
Tang Chuan: “d.a.m.n… even I wish to wed congratulations, you.”
She obtained never imagined that one time, anyone would simply call her Mrs. Su.
Being Su Yu’s wife was like generating a precious metal medal.
Huo Mian didn’t say anything at all in the end she just smiled.
Nonetheless, Su Yu’s grandfather, who has been so effective, arrived at her family home actually.
Su Yu: “Yeah.”
Following a minute of exhilaration, he immediately directed Huo Mian a WeChat information. “Honey, I neglected you.”
Tang Chuan: “Haha, let us prevent fooling approximately. Did you really make your partnership certificate?”
Both gentlemen were actually shocked when Su Yu claimed he didn’t.
He would not marry a girl for absolutely no reason rather than even divide his a.s.sets.
To tell the truth, otherwise for those Su friends and family going to her doorsteps to recommend relationship that day—
It truly transferred her and her mother…
Tang Chuan: “What is it? Could this be the famous restraining crown?”
Su Yu had taken a photo from the minor reddish colored publication utilizing his cell phone.
Becoming Su Yu’s wife was like generating a rare metal medal.
She obtained never thought that you day, an individual would get in touch with her Mrs. Su.
To be truthful, or else to the Su family members visiting her doorsteps to propose marriage that day—
Su Yu got a photograph with the little crimson e-book by using his cell phone.
In the head office of Imperial Star.
Both the gentlemen were amazed when Su Yu reported he didn’t.
Tang Chuan: “What is? Is the renowned restraining crown?”

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