Jamnovel The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage – Chapter 1481 – Would You Dare to Go to the High School Reunion? prick blue-eyed -p3
The Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage

NovelThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind MarriageThe Beautiful Wife Of The Whirlwind Marriage
Chapter 1481 – Would You Dare to Go to the High School Reunion? meddle fail
When Lu Beichen obtained out, he was still during the outfits he wore prior. Crumpled. Checking out Gu Jingyan, he smiled. “Hey, spouse. I merely recognize that you wouldn’t depart me being.”
Lu Qinyu ended up being nice to her, so she would still pay attention to him.
“High school? Not planning.” Lu Beichen seriously considered how busy he was, occupied going after his better half. Who had time for these types of playthings?
With a draw, he ripped the guy aside.
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This Gu Jingyan…
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Was she dreaming?
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“Jingyan, even when you have to battle, it shouldn’t be until he may get shut up. It is embarra.s.sing. Get him out primary.”
However the gentleman was a foreigner and was significant and taller, Lu Beichen had not been much quicker.
Lu Beichen’s facial area improved. He looked over her and claimed, “Jingyan, we still have Apple inc.”
“Hey, where by will you be from, b.a.s.t.a.r.d? I dare that you touch her. You must not put a finger on her!”
“High college? Not going.” Lu Beichen considered how fast paced he was, active going after his wife. Who got time for these playthings?
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On this occasion, the battle grabbed the interest with the emba.s.sy.
Just when Lu Beichen desired to discuss, he spotted the foreign dude keeping the sunblock and contacting Gu Jingyan together with his palms.
1481 Could You Dare to Go to the top Institution Reunion?
Plus it produced her search even more compact.
Lu Beichen noticed that they acquired removed overboard.
He could not deny that his spouse was very eye-catching to your eye.
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He explained it too late.
The unfamiliar person comprehended the matter when he observed that. “Now I am one she pick, not you. Recognize? Switch aside. Or else, never pin the blame on me as being rude.”
Gu Jingyan was peeved. With him around, she could say goodbye to getting a excellent remainder in this article.
Lu Beichen waved his hand and investigated her in a very very long costume. She searched in sync while using ocean wind and also the Bohemian wind flow, elongating her figure.
She just want to make something out of almost nothing for him.
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The overseas person shouted, “Who are you?”
He has been controlling the flame within these day or two. Given that it had skyrocketed, he immediately threw a punch over.
Lu Qinyu had been good to her, so she would still tune in to him.
“High college? Not really going.” Lu Beichen taken into consideration how hectic he was, busy pursuing his partner. Who acquired time for these kinds of playthings?
A team of people today was in a daze, investigating Gu Jingyan in her own swimwear. They set by the poolside and performed nothing at all except to stare at Gu Jingyan.
But, in the same way they got off the aeroplane, a phone call arrived through when Lu Beichen changed his cell phone on.
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The two ones were not anymore difficult on one another this time around. They sat in the aeroplane and quickly given back to C United states.

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